• starmag AG

Our innovation - your success!

Our core competencies are magnet technology and sheet metal fabrication. In the field of magnet technology, the planning, development and manufacture of magnet machines and equipment count among the company’s competencies. Our specialisation in laser cutting not only permits standard sheet metal edging and welding in the field of sheet metal processing, but also provides unique conditions for customer-oriented solutions.

At starmag ag, the customer really is still king. In meetings, customers are aware that their concerns are being listened to, that they are being taken seriously, and that every effort is always focused on finding the perfect solution to their problems.

Thanks to our highly qualified staff, starmag ag is in a position to offer integral solutions ranging from technical advice to ready-made products.

We maintain professional behavior, whether with customers, employees or suppliers. We focus our actions and thoughts on ethical and social principles.

We put emphasis on targeted and healthy expansion in the national and international environment. Through flexible and creative way of working, we create space for our innovation - your success!